Zambia’s immense wilderness encompasses nineteen national parks teeming with abundant wildlife. The rich landscape varies between huge lakes, wide rivers, thundering waterfalls, vast wetlands, grassy plains, and lush forests. With some of the finest game sanctuaries in Africa, Zambia Safaris offer a wide range of Safaris in open vehicles, on foot, by boat or canoe, on horseback, or by micro light.


Zambia’s Kafue National Park is one of the largest safari Park in Africa, covering almost 14,000 square miles. The northern section of this park serves as the perfect location for camps with its remote and diverse wilderness. The northernmost sector is drained by two perennial rivers, the Lunga and Lufupa. Both serve as important tributaries of the Kafue River for which the park is named.


Livingstone is located in the south-west corner of Zambia, the Victoria Falls and Zambezi River have resulted in an area of scenic beauty: from the Falls themselves to the broad picturesque course of the Zambezi River upstream, the rainforest atmosphere adjacent, and the stark jagged gorge downstream, the power and timelessness of Nature’s forces are evident throughout.

Wildlife also abounds in the area with baboons frequently seen on the path to the Falls and antelope and warthogs found in the surrounding rainforests.


The Lower Zambezi National Park lies on the north bank of the Zambezi River in south eastern Zambia. It gently slopes from the Zambezi Escarpment down to the river, straddling two main woodland savannah regions distinguished by the dominant types of tree, Miombo and Mopane.

The famous Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe lies on the opposite side of Lower Zambezi National Park. The whole area on both sides of the Zambezi River is a massive wildlife sanctuary.


South Luangwa National Park is one of Africa’s finest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. It is here that walking safaris were pioneered in the 1950’s and the variety of habitats, from the cool hills of the Muchinga Escarpment to the spectacular oxbow lagoons and open sandbanks of the Luangwa River, supporting one of the most diverse and concentrated populations of wild animals in the world.

The concentration of game along the Luangwa River and its associated ox-bow lagoons is amongst the most intense anywhere in Africa. It is truly an un-spoilt wilderness.